I’m a 40 something guy based in northern England. Despite living in a small town in the modern world I’ve always felt a┬ádeep connection to our ancestors and the skills they developed to live a happy and joyous life on this earth. Living on the urban fringe my childhood was spent in the local woods, forests and farms that ring my town developing that connection. I vicariously consumed all that I could about ancestral skills which at the time was limited to Lofty Wisemans┬áSAS survival handbook. As our community developed Ray Mears, woodsmoke, and the primitive technology book series helped take my skills to the next level.

As I grew older and lived my life I became aware the built environment is just as “natural” as the wilderness, it is a construct of man and man is as part of nature as any tree, plant or animal. And so I started to develop what could be described as prepper skills. Learning to garden and preserve that produce, generate some of my own energy and learn about sustainable building has helped me to create a blended life mixing the skills of our ancestors with the modern online world to live a gentle life upon this earth.