Workspace expansion update 2

I’m in desperate need of some kind of workshop space. A man cave as it were. Luckily I don’t have to ask permission to do it and I don’t have to feel like I’m being excluded from a house I’m paying for. One of the old timers down the allotment (funny how growing food is still largely a male pursuit) donated one of his old sheds so I’m extending one of my existing sheds.

Modern shed design is modular in nature which make it a doodled to adapt, the various sides simply bolt together so it’s a simple process of just replacing four bolts with longer ones. Which is of course the one bit I didn’t take photos of!! Here’s a top tip for you. Rather than buy specific bolts just buy threaded stud and the bolts to go with it. That way you can cut the stud down to the length you need once everything is tightened up.

With this extra space I’m looking at setting up a small basic carpentry workshop and a pit forge to do some metal bashing.

And now to continue…..

This is one horrible uneven floor !

So a quick bit of spade action is called for.

And after a good raking over TA DA !!

A much better floor to work with.

I haven’t decided yet to lay the floor with bricks or flagstones  yet.

It just depends on what I can scrounge !!

And in case you where wondering here is what a pit forge looks like.

Though it will probably look like this !!



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