The future has always been uncertain. Now more so than ever. In a world shrouded in a fog of uncertainty the only way to navigate these rough waters is through adopting a self-reliant philosophy. By becoming more self-reliant we take back control of our lives from a political system that seems increasingly distant and disconnected. We and only we have the ability to design our lives better.

Being self-reliant is a selfless act not a selfish one. By growing and preserving our own food, creating some of our own energy, relearning old skills and developing new ones we become more aware of the impact we have on our environment. We need to protect this green and pleasant land so that Britannia herself is there for all the generations to come. We will also create a unique culture that is ours and ours alone. The path of self reliance leads the way in sustainable living, a lifestyle we should showcase to the world and be the standard bearers of, as we have nothing else to lose.

Being self reliant builds strong individuals which builds strong families which leads to stronger community’s. In times of hardship we can step up and be the ones to help our fellow man rather than relying on outside help that may be insufficient or even late. Strong individuals build strong community’s working together to share skills, knowledge and resources to provide good food, better housing and all the things a culture needs to define itself. We can design and build systems of support that meet our needs and that are under our control.


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